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Recently, I scheduled an appointment for an inspection through their on-line service.I scheduled the appointment (and it was accepted) for Monday at 7AM.

I dropped off the car Monday morning and didn't hear anything from them after that. I left two messages in the evening, but never heard back. I stopped by the dealership around 6PM and was told that they were a little backed up and hadn't worked on my car yet. On Tuesday, they called at 9AM and told me that I needed tires (which I already knew and had entered in the website service request) and I told them to put on new tires.

I stopped by Tuesday night at 5:30 and the car was just being put on the lift. Since I still had no car, I had to keep the rental car. When I finally got my car back Wed night, I had filled the gas tank back to where it was when I rented the car - but they still charged me $22 (at $4/gal) to fill the car.

They obviously have no sense of customer service or consideration, and they have no problem ripping off their clients.


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